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Topic: PDA

PDAs and related technologies

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

Sharp's Zaurus SL-6000L: A Free Software PDA (Linux DevCenter)
Sharp is the leading PDA manufacturer in Japan, but recent models have had serious missteps that GNU/Linux friendliness can't quite overcome. Guylhem Aznar reviews the Zaurus SL-6000L from the point of view of a free software user.

Linux on Pocket PCs (Linux DevCenter)
While tiny, handheld computers may seem like geek toys, they're actually very practical for any environment with mobile data access -- hospitality, medicine, or finance -- and even for journalists. They can even run Linux. John Littler explores the Penguin-friendly heavy hitters in this area.

A Closer Look at Linux PDAs (Linux DevCenter)
Here's an in-depth look at three of the top Linux PDA contenders compiled by Linux expert Chris Halsall. Read his reviews of the Agenda VR3, the iPAQ, and the YOPY, and find the right device to suit your needs.

Bootstrapping the YOPY PDA (Linux DevCenter)
The consumer version of G.Mate's all-Linux YOPY PDA may be one of the most anticipated technology events since the delivery of Netscape 6. Will the YOPY be worth the wait, or has the Agenda VR and the Linux iPAQ stolen its thunder?

The Agenda VR3: Real Linux in a PDA (Linux DevCenter)
If you're after a simple PDA to handle this week's appointments, then the Agenda probably isn't for you. But if you want a PDA that runs X Windows and has a Terminal Window, you should check out this device.

PalmOS, Half-Life Server, and Ethereal Vulnerabilities (Linux DevCenter)
Problems this week include more symlink problems with catman and dialog, buffer overflows in oops, halflifeserver, and ethereal, key problems with gnupg, problems with PalmOS devices, and a prime example of amazing vulnerabilities in third-party software packages.

All Linux PDA: Fact or Fiction? (Linux DevCenter)
Have you heard about the Yopy? It's the promised Linux-based PDA that can surf the net, reel off MPEG movies, and play MP3s.

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