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Topic: Browsers

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Security Alerts: OpenBSD, Zope, syslogd, and More (Linux DevCenter)
Security-related advisories this week include a remote root exploit of OpenBSD and NetBSD, more temporary file problems in Solaris's patchadd and ksh, local root vulnerabilities in Stunnel, syslogd, and klogd, and new tools for man in the middle attacks.

Security Alerts: SAMBA, pine, ircd, and More (Linux DevCenter)
Noel Davis summarizes recent open source and Unix security-related advisories. Problems this week include symlink problems with joe, pico, and samba, a buffer overflow in bftpd, and problems with pine.

Security Alerts: OpenBSD Non-exploit and More (Linux DevCenter)
Noel Davis reviews the published exploits from Unix and open source. This week's Insecurities column includes a satirical non-exploit against OpenBSD

Beyond Browsing the Web (Linux DevCenter)
Can't get Netscape running, but you need to surf the web? There are other ways of getting to the information you seek, including graphics.

Netscape 6: A New Look for Linux Users (Linux DevCenter)
Navigator has been the default king of browsers on the Linux platform. Will Netscape 6 help it retain its royal status?

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