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Topic: Device Drivers

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Testing SMP Kernel Modules with UML (Linux DevCenter)
Code that works well on a single-processor box may fail spectacularly on a multiprocessor box. Until recently, the only way to test this was to use a two-, four-, or more-way machine. Not anymore! Jerry Cooperstein introduces UML (User Mode Linux) and demonstrates how to emulate a multiprocessor machine with it by testing kernel modules.

Linux Device Drivers Update (Linux DevCenter)
O'Reilly book author, Jonathan Corbet, talks about the current state of Linux device drivers, where he thinks they might be going in the future, and the process the Linux community embraces to develop new ones.

Linux Kernel Intervew: Jon Corbet (Linux DevCenter)
Jonathan Corbet, co-author of O'Reilly and Associates' upcoming second edition of Linux Device Drivers, discusses new features in Linux kernel 2.4.With audio

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