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Topic: Internet

Internet protocols and technologies including CGI, ZOPE, Applets, HTTP, SMTP, and others.

O'Reilly Network articles about this topic:

Getting Started with WSGI (Python DevCenter)
Python 2.5 added support for the WSGI standard. This is a specification for web programming that allows interoperability between frameworks and components. It's also terribly easy to use. Jason Briggs introduces WSGI and gives the background you need to use it productively.

Untwisting Python Network Programming (Python DevCenter)
Python is a powerful and usable language for network programming; its standard library includes several modules for multiple Internet protocols. There's also the powerful Twisted framework. How do you get started? When do you use the standard library and when do you go Twisted? Kendrew Lau demonstrates usable applications with both approaches to help you decide.

Using REST with Ajax (Python DevCenter)
The RESTful view of the Web says to use HTTP's verbs--GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE--where appropriate. Yet most browsers support only GET and POST. How can you achieve RESTfulness without writing your own client? Nic Ferrier shows how to design a RESTful web application using Ajax and Python.

Design by Wiki (Python DevCenter)
Is your project drowning in a sea of useless, out-of-date, and irrelevant documentation? Or is your project foundering with no map whatsoever? Before you shell out time and money for a proprietary package, consider that a humble wiki may solve most of your woes. Jason Briggs explains how his team uses MoinMoin to track its project documentation--and diagrams.

Open Source Content Management with Plone (Python DevCenter)
Publishing web sites is easy for geeks. When you're tired of your users asking you to make tiny changes that they could easily handle themselves, it's time to consider a content management system (CMS). If you're a Python or Zope fan, you may have heard of Plone, a powerful and easy-to-use CMS. If not, let Brad Bollenbach convince you to give it a try.

Mod_python's PSP: Python Server Pages (Python DevCenter)
For simple web sites, inlining code in the pages themselves is shockingly effective. For more complex sites, it can even work with good MVC design. Fear not, Pythonistas, mod_python's PSP brings the power and clarity of Python to web programming. Grisha Trubetskoy explains.

Understanding Network I/O, Part 2 (Python DevCenter)
Network programming is easy to start, but it can get complex very quickly. When is it appropriate to use synchronous IO and when do you need asynchronous? When do you need concurrency? George Belotsky explores these questions in the context of network programming with Python.

Understanding Network I/O: From Spectator to Participant (Python DevCenter)
By design, the Internet is a simple network; any endpoint can serve any client. Even better, it's easy to write a client or a server, if you understand a few things about network programming. George Belotsky demonstrates the essential concepts with Python.

Introducing mod_python (Python DevCenter)
mod_python is an Apache module that gives Python programmers full access to the Apache API. If that's not enough, it can speed up your Python web programming substantially. Grisha Trubetskoy explains just what mod_python can do for you.

BitTorrent Style (Python DevCenter)
Understanding BitTorrent's source code and author Bram Cohen's approach to programming in Python

Twisted Python (Python DevCenter)
The Twisted application framework provides rocket-powered tools for your next network application.

Wrapping Web Service APIs (Python DevCenter)
Google may have gaffed, but when it's all wrapped up in a module, you might never know it was SOAP.

SkunkWeb Application Server (Python DevCenter)
The templating simplicity of PHP combined with the power of Python packs a wallop in SkunkWeb, an application server for Python developers.

New Versions of Zope and Python (Python DevCenter)
Zope 2.4 updates Zope for Python 2.1, just as the first Alpha version of Python 2.2 is released.

Piddle Graphics Online (Python DevCenter)
Michal Wallace uses the source to put piddle graphics online. Combine piddle with the shelve and cgi modules to create an interactive gantt chart.

Python Web Application Tools (Python DevCenter)
Three Web application development tools offer alternatives to Zope.

Zope's New Roadmap (Python DevCenter)
With the Python development team on board, Digital Creations announces a new direction for Zope.

XML-RPC: It Works Both Ways (Python DevCenter)
Creating your own remote procedure server is easy with Python's xmlrpclib. Dave Warner shows you how to put it to work for you.

Learning From Mistakes (Python DevCenter)
A quick security fix for the Python wiki program MoinMoin presents an opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others.

Commercial Python IDEs (Python DevCenter)
Python developers looking for a commercial IDE now have a choice, PythonWorks 1.1 or WingIDE.

Wiki Python (Python DevCenter)
MoinMoin and ZWiki, two Python-related projects, provide collaborative environments for Web communities.

XML-RPC in Python (Python DevCenter)
Take advantage of this lightweight method for using services on other computers with Python's xmlrpclib module.

Artymiak Announces pyxhtml (Python DevCenter)
A quick look at Jacek Artimiak's pyxhtml, a Python tool for generating XHTML pages.

Web Client Programming in Python (Python DevCenter)
Create programs that mine information from web sites. The example given uses Meerkat, O'Reilly Network's open wire service.

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Below are other references available on the web for this topic. Since other sites may change their links, please if you find any that may need to be updated.

mx-Series of Python Extension Packages
Extension code for Python including string manipulators, date functions and code to help you get at your databases using Open DataBase Connectivity, a standard database access method developed by Microsoft Corporation. [Source: Software]

Introduction to the Zope Database
Best known as a part of Zope, this object oriented database can be used on its own. Jim Fulton of Digital Creations tells how in this Python conference paper.

Creating XML Applications with Zope
Amos Latteier's introduction to Zope and XML on

Advanced XML Applications with Zope
Amos Latteier discusses the wider implications of creating XML applications with Zope, demonstrating with the creation of an RSS channel class.

Internet Scripting: Zope and XML-RPC
Examining how the Zope application server uses XML-RPC to allow remote scripting of objects via the Web.

XML Processing with Python
Sean McGrath's introduction to XML and Python first presented at XML'99.

The MEMS Exchange Architecture
A.M. Kuchling describes the web architecture of MEMS Exchange, including the use of Quixote and ZODB.

Writing CGI Programs in Python
Preston Lander's introduction to CGI programming with Python.

An Introduction to Zope
Brian Lloyd of Digital Creations introduces you to Zope, an Open Source web application server. [Source: DevShed]

Python Squeezes the Web
A Linux Planet article on using Python for web development. Including using Python with VIM (a common Unix text editor), to create macros that make writing HTML easier. [Source: Linux Planet]

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